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What will happen to your family and loved ones if something were to happen to you?

What will happen to you if you are no longer able to take care of yourself?

At The Law Office of Timothy R. Deakyne, we guide you through these important decisions and help you form a plan for the future that can be counted on.

Our goal is to provide members of the Santa Barbara community and beyond with the highest level of legal service in the following areas of law:

29th July
Explaning Probate Assets and Non-Probate Assets

In the course of my practice, whether it be planning a client’s estate or assisting a family in the administration of an estate, I often have to explain the nature of probate assets versus non-probate assets. The distinction is important.  … Continue reading

5th May
Have Young Children? Take the Time to Nominate Guardians.

One of the most common concerns of my married couple clients is what will happen to their minor children if they were to both die? In this case, the court will appoint a guardian or guardians to take of your children.  The … Continue reading

14th April
Special Needs Trusts Can Provide for Disabled Loved Ones While Preserving Their Eligibility for Government Benefits

Do you have a child, family member, or loved one with a disability?  Whether your loved one was born with their disability or acquired it later in life, they may have become dependent upon the benefits of certain government assistance … Continue reading